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Fiido C11 city E-bike

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76 reviews
Fiido C11- the best electric bike offering comfortable and safe riding
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Color: Emerald Blue
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Front Basket Set for C11/C22
Mate Watch for Titan/C21/C22/C11/T1 Pro/Air
Bike Rack Pannier Bag
Helmet for Fiido
Fiido phone holder
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Empowering Affordability in city electric bicycle.

Fiido C11 Story

The Fiido C11 is an upgraded version of the Fiido D4S. The D4S has gained recognition from numerous users for its reliable quality and excellent riding experience. However, many users have provided feedback regarding certain drawbacks such as the non-removable battery and non-hydraulic disc brakes. Taking into account these valuable suggestions, we have introduced the classic city commuter E-Bike, the Fiido C11.Please take a moment to explore our new model further, as you will discover that we have carefully considered the needs of every rider. Whether it's in terms of design, features, or price, we have strove to provide a comprehensive solution. This is also our gift to our users as we celebrate Fiido's 8th anniversary.


Hydraulic disc brakes
Hydraulic disc brakes offer superior braking power, stability, adjustability, durability, and performance compared to traditional mechanical brakes.
Long Range
This long-range E-Bike has an impressive range of up to 90km, giving you the freedom to explore further than ever before.
Removable Battery
500Wh removable battery is extremely convenient. Easy charging for your E-Bikes anywhere. Also the range can be extend by purchasing additional batteries.
Multi Accessories
Rear rack, along with the optional front basket, significantly boosts the E-bike's practicality, making it even more versatile for various needs.

Comfort is the Key to Riding

Step-through Bike Frame Design
Fiido C11's step-through bike frame design provides easy mounting, comfortable riding, and increased safety.
5 PAS Mode Power Assist System
Effortlessly climb hills or navigate through headwinds with ease.
Ergonomic Velo Saddle
Fiido co design with Velo, introducing the best fit saddle for commuter e bikes, providing a better support for riders,even for long and bumpy rides
Front suspension fork
Front suspension fork enhances riding comfort, control, and safety while improving overall vehicle performance.
Adjustable Handlebars
The adjustable handlebars on the Fiido C11 allow you to raise or lower them, helping you find the perfect angle to ensure maximum comfort during every ride.

High Configuration & Cost-effectiveness

700C Tires
700C Tires will protect you on the road while the reflective sidewalls provide more visibility in low light condittions.
Backlit LCD Display
Stay informed on your riding metrics, including speed and battery life, with the full-color display. Seamlessly connect to the Fiido APP. Pair with the FIIDO Mate Smart watch for effortless activation.
Charging your phone
Charge your smartphone using the concealed USB port.
Brake Light
The tail light will illuminate when you brake, providing intelligent lighting that instantly alerts other road users to your braking actions, thereby reducing the risk of rear-end collisions.
Strong torque Motor
A new upgraded 678W Peak Rear Hub Motor with 55nm of torque.
Loud Horn
The enlarged horn effectively alerts cyclists of your presence, enhancing rider safety.
Headlight Swivels with Direction
The headlights swivel with your movements, offering brightness comparable to motorcycle lights, ensuring enhanced safety during your ride. Let's illuminate your surfing adventure!

Real-world Range Testing

Full Throttle
Avg. Spd. 
After Unlocked
Avg. Spd. 
Pedal Assist
Avg. Spd. 
Avg. Spd. 
Avg. Spd. 
Avg. Spd. 
Avg. Spd. 
(The results above were obtained with a rider weighing 80kg, in a flat road environment at 27℃. Please note that the cruising range can vary depending on riding conditions; refer to actual usage for more accurate information)

The Brand

We listen attentively and combine feedback with our creativity and supply-chain expertise to create affordable products that mix artistry with practicality. This mission consistently pushes Fiido forward. Our dedication has led to rapid global growth, making us the fastest-growing e-bike team. Let's kickstart this journey together, right here!


MODEL Fiido C11
Color Emerald Green/White
Tire size(Inch) CST 700*40C
Weight(kg) 24.5
Max payload(kg) 120
Rider's age 16+
Rider's height 150cm(4.9') - 200cm(6.5')
Frame Material Aluminum
Front Shock Hydraulic with 40mm travel
Speed shift 6S
Brake Hydraulic Brake
Mode Power Assist+Throttle+Pedal
Sensor Cadence Sensor
Motor Rear hub 55nm Toothed Brushless
Preset Max Speed 15 MPH(24km/h)
Max Speed after unlocked 24.9 MPH(40km/h)
Full throttle range 55 km
Power Assist range 90km
Drive Ratio 48T:14 - 28T
Operating Temp -10° ~50°
IP Rating (whole bike) IP54
Battery capacity (Wh) 500


Seat tube (mm) A 450
Stack (mm) B 676
Reach (mm) C 398
Wheelbase (mm) D 1115
Head tube (mm) E 190
Standover height (mm) F 572
Top tube length (mm) G 605
Total length (mm) H 1820
Maximun seat height (mm) I 1050
Minimun seat helght (mm) J 790
Handlebar height (mm) K 1150
Handlebar length (mm) L 670
Rear rack length (mm) M 300
Rear rack width (mm) N 128
Rear Rack Load (KG) O 25
Rider heights 5'1 (150cm)-6'5 (200cm)


How long can I ride on a single charge?

The C11 can be fully charged in just 5 hours and features a 500W rated power motor, with a peak power of up to 678W, reaching a top speed of 40km/h. Additionally, it comes with 5 adjustable assist levels, and the 500W brushless geared motor offers high torque and low power consumption. With FIIDO's independent speed sensor algorithm, it can achieve a riding range of up to 90km.

Can I ride on rough terrain?

The C11 comes equipped with shock absorbers, allowing for a smooth ride even on rugged mountain roads. Additionally, our adjustable handlebars and Velo saddle are designed to ensure the rider's comfort during the journey.

How do I connect the C11 to the app?

Please download the "Fiido" application from Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. After registering an account, use the Bluetooth feature to connect your vehicle.

Is it possible to install a trailer after purchase?

The C11 is compatable with trailer installation after purchase.

Can the battery be removed?

The battery is removable and easy to replace, but frequent removal is not recommended to preserve the overall design.

Is it possible to ride in rainy weather?

However, we do not recommend riding in bad weather for safety considerations.The bike has an IP54 Rating for the whole bike,which means it is waterproof in general.

What are the advantages of connecting my bike to the Fiido Mate Smartwatch or Fiido App?

You can start the entire bike through the Fiido Mate or app effortlessly and monitor real-time sports data such as heart rate and blood oxygen during your ride. Additionally, you can share and exchange cycling insights and experiences with cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the rear rack on the vehicle?

The rear shelf is made of aluminum alloy material with a maximum load capacity of 25KG, suitable for carrying children or your beloved pets.

Is there an anti-theft lock on the vehicle?

Yes, the C11 comes with an intelligent anti-theft lock, which can be unlocked via key or APP, ensuring the security of your vehicle.

How do I unlock the top speed of my C11 Ebike?

Please click this link to view.

Can I install a child seat on the C11 footrest board?

Yes, it can be installed. We recommend the following dimensions for installing the child seat: leg rest board spacing greater than 135mm.

What is the motor power of the C11?

With a 500W power, it assists you in easy riding.

What is the torque of the motor in Fiido C11?

The 55Nm torque motor in Fiido C11 provides powerful propulsion, making your rides effortless.

Do I need to pay for shipping and duties?

Your address will enjoy free shipping and duty services. (For other locations)Free shipping and duties are included for the 48 contiguous states, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other U.S. territories. (For the United States)

When will I receive the bike and accessories?

Normal orders take 3-7 business days for delivery.

Is the display easy to repair and replace?

Yes. This innovative display screen features a modular design, allowing replacement within 10 minutes. Most replacements can be done independently, or you can contact the nearest offline store for assistance.

How long is the warranty?

For most parts of the bike ,they come with a one-year warranty,please check our warranty page for more details.

What is the recommended height range for riders?

Riders ranging from 150cm (4.9') to 200cm (6.5') in height can easily handle our bike.

What's In The Box?

Fiido C11*1
User Manual*1
Open Spanner*1
Allen Key*1
Rear Rack*1

Unboxing video

Fiido Mate

Perhaps you need a Fiido Mate, but probably not for everyone.

Fitness Tracking

It will record all the data that accompanies you on every ride, and witness every breakthrough you make.

Syncing riding data
Health Monitor

Wish you good health, assist you to be healthier. Keep monitoring your heart rate and blood oxygen while riding, for the best condition awareness.

Real-time monitoring healthy data
Achieve your goals every day
Proximity Start

Your Fiido Mate is more eager to start each ride than you are. Now, let's approach - hop on - and start riding in one fell swoop.

When your Fiido Mate is near Ebiike, Ebike will start automatically, and when you leave your Ebike, it will turn off automatically.

(Notice: Measurement results are for reference only, and are not intended for medical use.)

Ride Together

It will automatically sync all your rides for you to track them in detail at any time.

Facebook Group

Join the active Fiido ebike Facebook community, a vibrant hub for sharing ideas, discovering the latest updates, and engaging withĐây real users.
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Why Choosing Fiido?

A great ride for a great price.

The company is a fast-growing Ebike brand that’s had its fair share of trials and tribulations—but has proven that it has what it takes to rise above.

Beautiful, well-built, incredible e-bike for this price segment.

The E-bike For People Who Say They’ll Never Get An E-bike

It's something that commuters will love riding daily.

Customer Reviews

Fiido C11 - Easy-to-Ride Commuter E-Bike
FIIDO C11 - The game-changer among other brands.
An outstanding, high-performance E-bike.
I'm still very relaxed even when riding on gravel roads!
With this bike, you'll beat the traffic - FIIDO C11 City E-Bike
The BEST City Electric Bike with ANTI-THEFT! Fiido C11

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Valentina Pirrello
Per adesso 4 stelle per l’assistenza! La aspetto con ansia

Aspetto da un bel po’ quindi non posso ancora fare una vera recensione, però l’assistenza clienti è top!

Thomas Windoffer
Fiido C11

Für den Preis ein Top Fahrrads, was Mega Spaß macht und die App ist einfach und toll. Die Lieferung dauerte etwas und die Kommunikation bzw Info seitens Service könnte etwas besser sein. Aber um Ganz Top

Bernhard Schedel
Aber Hallo, angenehm überrascht :-)

Lieferzeit zwar 9 Wochen, doch das Warten hat sich gelohnt.
E-Bike kam sehr gut verpackt, und gepolstert an, Aufbau sehr leicht,
Anleitung hierfür tadellos, Werkzeug mitgeliefert.
E-Bike ist sehr gut verarbeitet, und war perfekt eingestellt, Schaltung; Bremse.
Fahrbarkeit, richtig gut, Sitzposition perfekt, Sattel weich und angenehm. Akku hält ca. 50 - 60 km.
Einen Kritikpunkt allerdings, Das Schutzblech vorne ist eine Herausforderung was die Ausrichtung betrifft, das sollte nachbebessert werden.
Fazit, wenn man 9 Wochen warten kann, dann eine absolute Kaufempfehlung. Preis - Leistung, hervorragend

Cláudia Pereira
Fiido C11

Amazing bike. I truly recommend.

Jonathan F
ottima City bike

dopo qualche giorno di utilizzo, trovo il modello C11 molto valido, il motore soddisfa le aspettative e le pendenze del posto.
Unica pecca, il montaggio dei parafanghi, un po’ complicato in modo che non tocchino le ruote (almeno per chi non e’ esperto)

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