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Why Fiido?
Stylish and even luxurious design, high-quality parts, excellent craftsmanship, extraordinary riding experience, and affordable prices — these wonderful terms are what everyone looking to purchase an EBIKE wants to achieve. However, it is often thought that these are contradictory and cannot all be reflected in one product...
But Fiido has achieved all of these on every product, covering all categories. Whether you need the best commuter e-bike, CARGO e-bike, e-bikes mountain, dirt, fat tire, hunting, fishing, utility, travel, or e-bike with large batteries, you can find it here. Moreover, our e-bike won IF Design Award just after its launch.
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Fiido C11 electric city bikeFiido C11 city electric bike
Sale price£817.00 Regular price£939.00
Fiido C11- the best electric bike offering comfortable and safe riding
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off road electric bike|electric fat bikebest electric mountain bike|touring ebikes
Sale price £1,545.00
400km/248mi Range, fat tire & 4-piston brakes, hunting & fishing e-bike.
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best electric bikes|urban electric bicyclecommuter ebike|folding electric bike
Fiido X
Sale price£1,181.00 Regular price£1,635.00
IF design award-winning urban electric bike.
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electric bike|lightweight ebikelightest ebike|electric road bike
Sale price£1,090.00 Regular price£1,635.00
Urban commuter electric bike with torque sensor, only 17.5kg.
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Fiido T1 Pro Utility Electric Bikebest cargo ebike|trek hybrid bicycle
T1 Pro
Sale price£1,363.00 Regular price£1,545.00
Powerful utility electric bike with 150 km range.
Fiido M1 Pro Fat Tire Electric BikeFiido M1 Pro Fat Tire Electric Bike
M1 Pro
Sale price£908.00 Regular price£999.00
The most cost-effective fat tire folding electric bike.
 commuter ebike|urban electric bikebest electric bikes|electric bike for adults
Sale price£726.00 Regular price£999.00
An affordable folding e-bike looks like nothing else.
best urban ebike|electric bikes for saleelectric bike|lightweight ebike
Sale price£817.00 Regular price£908.00
Longest range folding electric bike under £1000.
foldable ebike|lightweight folding electric bikelightweight folding electric bike|cheap electric bike
Sale price£908.00 Regular price£1,181.00
Tire folding electric bike with torque sensor.
electric mini bike|urban electric bicyclelightest folding electric bike|commuter ebike
D3 Pro
Sale price£363.00 Regular price£545.00
The most affordable and adorable electric bike.
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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products

Why have an E-Bike?
The question really should be, why wouldn't you have an e-bike? There is a reason they have become so popular over the last few years. Aside from the obvious (they are a really fun thing to have around), electric bikes offer the perfect balance between exercise and leisure.

Depending on your mood, how much time you have, or your end goals, you get to decide exactly how you are going to use the bike; for a gentle leisurely excursion, a long commute to work, or even just when the moment takes you. Either way, Fiido e-bikes are designed to tick all of the right boxes, depending on your reason for using them.
Electric Bikes
Welcome to Fiido, the e-mobility brand that is spearheading this incredible biking revolution we are in right now. Make no mistake about it, this is indeed a revolution in personal transportation, and we are all right in the middle of it as it booms.

Why Fiido? Well, for decades now, consumers have been teased with occasional electric bikes released to the market but there has always been a slight problem - none of the products really hit the spot or delivered something truly remarkable.

Until now, that is. Ebikes have come a long way over the last few years, thanks to companies like Fiido spearheading the latest technological advances. Electric bikes are no longer quirky, fun toys reserved only for the curious. Electric bikes are now a part of our day-to-day life.
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