Electric bike manufacturers cover all bases by building bikes to suit all needs. One niche is the electric off-road cargo bike, one of the most versatile e-bike types on the market. In this article, we'll pitch two of the best against each other: the Fiido Titan E-bike and the Rad Power Bikes Radster™ Trail.

We'll examine the characteristics and features of each bike to allow you to determine which is best for your needs. You'll learn about the components, capabilities, and ownership of the Fiido Titan E-bike against the Rad Power Bikes Radster™ Trail.

Fiido Titan E-bike parked on the grass

What Is An Electric Off-Road Cargo Bike?

Electric off-road cargo bikes have the capability to allow riders to carry heavy loads pretty much anywhere. They feature cargo racks and powerful motors, making them suitable for urban commutes or off-road adventures.

These electric bikes are often used by outdoor enthusiasts who want to carry everything they need. For example, you may carry fishing gear, stuff for the beach, or anything for a fun day out. Alternatively, electric off-road cargo bikes are great for commuters whose routes consist of varying surfaces.

Fiido Titan E-bike VS Rad Power Bikes Radster™ Trail

The Fiido Titan and Rad Power bikes Radster™ Trail are excellent examples of electric off-road cargo bikes. Their high-powered motors, off-road tires, and rugged designs are ideal for all-day adventures anywhere. But which one is best for you?

Fiido Titan E-bike parked on the track


Like most things in life, price is a significant concern when buying something. It's often the best starting point when making a purchasing decision before evaluating what you get for the price.

The Fiido Titan comes in at $1,499, significantly cheaper than the Radster Trail's $1,999 price tag. Both are renowned for their build quality and components, but can you justify buying the Radster for nearly $500 more?


The range of an electric bike is how far you can ride before you need to charge the battery, and it affects how you use it. A bike with a more extended range means you can enjoy it longer and travel further. However, your range will be affected by how much weight you're carrying and the profile of your journey. More weight and uphill riding will use your battery's energy significantly quicker.

The Fiido Titan has an impressive range of 84 miles (135km). This means you can tackle long-distance journeys before depleting your battery. Although still good at 65 miles (104km), the Rad Power Bikes Radster's range is significantly lower. It's worth noting that you can extend either bike's range by carrying additional batteries.

Max Load Capacity

Of course, one of the most critical aspects of an electric cargo bike is how much you can load it up. The Rad Power Bikes Radster, including the rider, can carry a reasonable 370lbs. This is enough for most people on a day out or those carrying cargo on their commute. But, if you want or need to take more weight, the Fiido Titan is the one to go for. Its 440lbs (200kg) max load capacity is head and shoulders above the Radster's, thanks to the motor's extra torque. But you'll also benefit from this torque when you're carrying nothing.


The drivetrain of an electric bike affects reliability and riding experience. A good drivetrain provides smooth and reliable gear changes while improving hill climbing ability. A drivetrain with more gears also helps conserve battery power, which is where the Fiido Titan trumps the Radster. The Titan's S-Ride 9-speed rear derailleur provides an extra gear over the Radster's Shimano 8-speed unit.


A good set of brakes is essential for safety when riding on busy streets or descending a steep off-road trail. Both of these electric off-road cargo bikes have hydraulic disc brakes. They are powerful and work well in all conditions, even wet weather. Additionally, the hydraulic systems make braking safely easy thanks to the feel and feedback through the brake levers.

Although both bikes have excellent brakes, the Fiido Titan's 4-piston calipers are superior. They are more responsive and powerful than the Radster's 2-piston calipers.


The performance of an electric bike is determined by the motor and battery combination. Both the Fiido Titan and the Rad Power Bikes Radster™ Trail have rear hub-mounted motors with 750W, which means they have similar performance characteristics. Thanks to their torque sensors, both have plenty of torque and are responsive. The torque sensors provide a more natural pedal feeling than speed sensors.

Tires And Suspension

One of the main differences between these two bikes is their wheel and tire sizes. Fiido has fitted the Titan with 26-inch wheels and fat 4-inch high-volume tires. This combination creates lots of grip and a plush ride, assisted by the suspension fork. It allows you to confidently ride on soft surfaces like mud, sand, and snow and is a good choice for beginners.

The Rad Power Bikes Radster™ Trail has a more traditional 27.5" wheel size with 3" wide tires. This setup may suit you better if you're used to a regular 27.5" wheeled mountain bike. It also has a suspension fork to reduce vibrations through the handlebars and improve traction.

It's hard to say which setup is best due to the different ways people ride this type of bike. Therefore, you need to consider what is important to you.

Certified Safety Standards

It's always good to know that you're buying a quality product. Therefore, Rad Power and Fiido have built these bikes according to international standards. The Titan meets the requirements of UL 2849 and UL2271 certifications, providing peace of mind that riders get a safe and reliable product.

The Radster Trail is also UL-2271 certified, meaning you should have a reliable bike under you during your adventures.

The setting sun shines on the Fiido Titan E-bike

Conclusion: Fiido Titan E-bike VS Rad Power Bikes Radster™ Trail

So, after closely comparing the Fiido Titan E-bike VS Rad Power Bikes Radster™ Trail, we have highlighted some apparent differences and similarities. You will also see the advantages one bike has over the other.

Both bikes are excellent choices for urban commuting and off-road adventures. But before you decide which is best for you, think carefully about what you want and need from your new electric off-road cargo bike. For example, you may prioritize range, load capacity, price, or component quality.