Fiido and Aventon are significant players in the e-bike world. People looking to buy a new electric bike often compare their products to determine the best for them. So, in this article, we'll pitch two direct competitors from each brand—welcome to the Fiido Titan e-bike ve Aventon Aventure.2 e-bike battle.

Two men push fiido titan on the side of the mountain

About Fiido Electric Bikes

Fiido is a fast-growing electric bike brand that was launched in 2017. The company has a wide range of e-bikes and constantly adds to its lineup, catering to everyone's needs. Fiido now has over 200 employees in China, France, and the USA.

About Aventon Electric Bikes

Aventon is based in Southern California and originally only made fixed-gear bikes. In 2021, they began solely producing electric bikes to promote freedom of mobility.

Fiido Titan E-bike VS Aventon Aventure.2 E-bike Comparisons

The Fiido Titan and Aventon Aventure.2 are fat-tire electric bikes that are highly versatile. Their robust frames have an upright riding position and low top tubes for easy mounting and dismounting. The high-volume tires provide grip on rough terrain, allowing you to ride over various surfaces confidently.

They have cargo racks fitted over their rear wheels, adding to these bikes' versatility. You can mount panniers, nets, and bags to these racks to suit your load-carrying needs. 

The Fiido Titan and Aventon Aventure.2 are built for the same purposes, but which is best? Let's go into each element of these two electric bikes. We'll examine the various characteristics so you can choose depending on what matters to you the most.

Two men riding fiido titan on the sand


An e-bike's range is one of the most important aspects for its owner. It is determined by the motor and battery package, as well as the drivetrain. The Fiido Titan has a rear hub-mounted 750W toothed brushless motor powered by a 48V 14.5Ah battery. This combination, along with the S-Ride 9-speed drivetrain, gives you a range of about 84 miles on a single charge.

The Aventon Aventure.2 also has a 750W motor in the rear hub hooked up to a 48V, 15Ah (720Wh) battery. The lower Wh figure and 8-speed drivetrain from Shimano don't take you as far. Its stated range is only about 60 miles. Most people would be fine with a 60-mile range, but you'll find the extra endurance of the Fiido Titan will give you more confidence. This is especially the case if you live in a hilly area or you like to explore further afield.

However, it's worth noting that, for an additional cost, you can significantly extend both bikes' range with additional batteries.

Load Capacity

One of the most overlooked benefits of riding an electric bike is its load capacity. There are many reasons why you may prefer to ride an electric bike with the ability to carry extra weight. For example, you may use your e-bike for camping trips or deliveries, or you may just be a heavier rider. So, which of these two electric bikes can haul the most weight?

The Fiido Titan just about has the edge over the Aventon Aventure.2. Its 70Nm of torque allows you to carry 440 lbs (200kg), surpassing the Aventon Aventure.2's 400 lbs (181kg) limit. This extra torque also makes climbing hills and riding into headwinds more manageable, whether your bike is fully loaded or not.

Motor and Speed

As we've already mentioned, the Fiido Titan and the Aventon Aventure.2 e-bikes are powered by 750W motors. This is where they are equal, as they share the same limited assisted top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h).

Braking Power

The brakes fitted to an e-bike are incredibly important. Both bikes have hydraulic disc brakes that give excellent stopping power and are easy to modulate. These characteristics are vital for your safety, control, and confidence, not just when riding rough trails but also on the road. There are a few differences between the Aventon.2 and Fiido Titan's braking systems. The main difference is that the Titan has a 4-piston setup, which outshines the two-piston braking system of the Aventure.2. This makes the Fiido Titan a better choice for nervous riders and those who tackle more challenging terrain.

Certified Safety

Both of these electric bikes meet UL 2849 certification standards. These strict rules ensure that electric bikes conform to stringent safety requirements after undergoing rigorous testing for reliability and durability. So, if you're concerned about safety, you can be sure that either bike is up to the job.

Return Policy

Sometimes, a purchasing decision goes beyond the product's performance. Before handing over your cash, you'll want to know that you have support if your new electric bike has a problem. Aventon strives to give its customers peace of mind with a very good 14-day returns policy. However, Fiido provides even more confidence by extending its returns policy to 30 days. Therefore, you get more time to live with your Titan to assess its performance and suitability for your needs.


Price is often a concern before making a significant investment, so which of these two electric bikes is better for your wallet? The Fiido Titan starts at $1,499 before you start adding extras such as cargo racks, the Fiido Mate smartwatch, and additional batteries. This is excellent value for money, especially when you compare it with the $1,799 starting price tag of the Aventon Aventure.2. However, the Aventure.2 has a few extra options at the checkout to increase the usability of your bike out of the box.

A man rides a Fiido Titan on the sand.

Conclusion Of The Fiido Titan E-bike VS Aventon Aventure.2 E-bike Debate

During this back-to-back comparison of two excellent electric bikes, we've looked at components, ranges, prices, and guarantees. We can see that there are some similarities, but all things considered, the Fiido Titan Ebikes comes out on top.

The Fiido Titan is the best choice for e-bike riders who want to ride anywhere. Its long-range, high load-carrying ability and peace of mind from Fiido's return policy make it attractive to anyone looking for high performance and value for money.

However, this doesn't mean the Aventon Aventure.2 is a bad electric bike. While it may offer a shorter range and slightly lower load capacity, it comes from a trusted brand with which you may be comfortable spending the extra money.